Our Cheder at Beit Or v’Shalom ​caters for children aged from 4 to 11. The classes are held at our Synagogue and Hall in Carina and are held every fortnight during school terms. For dates, please check the calendar.

Aims and Objects of Cheder

Our goal is that our students receive an enjoyable and stimulating Jewish education in a safe environment through inspiring and engaging teaching. 

The experience should be fun and should be one that they look forward to each fortnight. We want each of our students to graduate the Cheder program as educated, well-rounded, secure, and proud Jews, whether at home, at the workplace, or in the synagogue. Cheder should be a place where lifelong friendships are born and where a firm connection to Judaism is cemented. We want them to feel comfortable being Jewish and in standing up for the beliefs and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. We also want to prepare them well for progression to their Bnei Mitzvah studies.

The children will be educated in Hebrew reading, the Jewish Calendar, the concepts of Jewish belief and values, the history of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel. 

The education is through a range of methods including hands-on activities (baking Challah & Hamantaschen and creating a Cheder garden from scratch), large group activities (such as creating a model of Jerusalem out of cardboard boxes) and smaller groups work (mainly for Hebrew reading).

We are very excited about our Cheder program and look forward to working with your children in an exciting learning environment. 

Cheder for Younger Children

For the  younger children aged between  4 and 6, Cheder  is a fun opportunity to socialise with other Jewish children their age and learn about Jewish bible stories, holidays and the Hebrew alphabet.  Each session is full of engaging activities such as crafts, games, music, stories, and, of course, play time and morning tea.  

Cheder for these youngsters is a terrific opportunity for young children to have fun while learning about being Jewish.

Beit Or v'Shalom Inc values your children and is mindful of their care. We have in  place a Child Protection Policy which you can download here.  All persons working with Children,  have a Blue Card.

Jerusalem Window Art

Please contact us for more information about all our Cheder programs.

We require that all families enrolling in Cheder become Members or Associates of Beit Or v'Shalom  - 

 Download a copy of our Membership Application Form OR click here to complete the form on line Membership Application   

Download a copy of our Family Member/Associate Form OR click here to complete the form on line Associate Application

Download a copy of our Associate Application form OR click here to complete the form on line Member/Associate Family Application

Please  Download a PDF of the Cheder enrolment form here  OR Click here to complete your Cheder Enrolment   complete and post or email.

For more details on our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program, please click here.


If you wish to visit our Cheder please contact us in advance so that we can arrange someone to meet you and show you through.


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