Shabbat Shacharit services are conducted each Shabbat at 10.00 am, unless otherwise advised on this page or in our newsletter. Check out our Calendar here.

All these services are followed by Kiddush. We invite you to stay for our Kiddush (blessing of wine and challah) and partaking of light refreshments after the Shabbat service. 

PLEASE NOTE - if you have not visited Beit Or v'Shalom before please contact us before visiting. 

Please note letting us know of your intention to attend prior to a Shabbat Service will allow us to determin the viability of a service and plan accordingly.  We must also ensure that we have a minyan (10 Jewish adults) to allow for the complete service to be carried out.

We also conduct services for most festivals throughout the year. Please check back regularly or subscribe to our calendar for updates. Festival services are conducted as advertised in our newsletter or on this website or on our Facebook page.

Services are conducted in a combination of English and Hebrew by a lay team.

For our current Shabbat Services, see our Calendar.

Kabbalat Shabbat Services are generally held on the last Friday evening of each month.  Look out for flyers through our HaShavua b'Shul (weekly newsletter), A Bissele News (our quaterly newsletter) or emails OR our FaceBook.

Click here to see the Torah commentaries provided by the Union for Progressive Judaism.

Find out more on how you can participate in our services as a volunteer.

Visitors are welcome subject to prior security clearance.  We would like visitors to please contact us to make enquiries about visiting at services.  We will need to give you permission to attend.  This is for the safety of our congregants and national security policy requires us to be vigilant and ensure that we follow safe practices. Please compete and return this form if you would like to attend services.

Virtual Services

Contact us to inquire about our Virtural Services

for other virtual services available - check out these links:-



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