Jewish dietary practices vary widely across different congregations in the Progressive Movement.  Our practice at Beit Or v'Shalom recognises that many of our members, while not insisting on sourcing their meat and poultry from kosher butchers, do prefer to limit their consumption to kosher species, and the separation of meat and dairy.

In keeping with this, at our functions and events we do not allow any non-kosher meat (except for chicken at Pesach Seder). Also excluded are dishes containing milk and meat together in the same recipe.  All  vegetables and fruit are allowed.

Kosher fish, chicken, eggs and dairy products such as milk, cheese (non-animal rennet) and yogurt may be used in cooking and consumed on Synagogue premises.

It is recommended that when people put food out on the table they should label the foods appropriately (i.e. milk or meat, gluten free, vegetarian etc).

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