Torah Scrolls

We own three Torah scrolls, each with its own unique story.  One of the Torah Scrolls housed at Beit Or v'Shalom Synagogue Brisbane, has travelled a long way from it's original home. It was taken from the town of Loštice (pronounced LOSH-tea-tseh), about 140 miles east of Prague, in Moravia, in the eastern region of the Czech Republic. For more information go to and read more on the Torah Scrolls saved from destruction during the Nazi occupation. Also see certificate below which is hung on the wall in the entrance to the Synagogue.

Another of our scrolls comes from Temple Shalom, Dallas. They gave it to us as part of the celebrations on the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary in 2015, recognising that BOS was growing and would benefit from their help.  Their generosity has created a sister congregation relationship which we greatly value.

Our third scroll came into the congregation's possession early in the life of BKS, our predecessor in Carina. As the Holocaust scroll is too fragile to use regularly, this scoll and the Dallas scroll are the ones used for regular Shabbat and Festival services.

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